Durham Biking, Golfing, and Riding

Durham Biking Golfing and Riding golf course ball near hole on green

In Durham, North Carolina, this is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities like biking the Bull City, relaxing on the green, and horseback riding in style.  Many people go on vacation to actively pursue their hobbies. Whether you want to go biking, golfing, or horseback riding, Durham is a beautiful place to do it in.

Did you know that many areas of Durham are easily accessible by bike?  Given the tight urban core of the city and the compact nature of the county, sometimes two wheels are greater than four. 

  • Get from Duke University’s West Campus to the Golden Belt arts complex on the east side of Downtown Durham in less than thirty minutes at a leisurely pace
  • Cruise around Downtown Durham, Duke, and North Carolina Central University campuses as well as Ninth Street District and the historic Forest Hills neighborhood to get a glimpse of Durham’s architecture and enjoy the shade of hundred-year-old oaks that line many city streets

Do you want to take a swing at one of Durham’s three public golf courses? 

Are you ready to get back in the saddle?  Have an equine adventure in Durham.  There are a half-dozen farms that offer lessons, trail rides, and competitions for both novice riders and horse enthusiasts.  The places are all within a thirty-minute drive of Downtown Durham:

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