Durham Bulls Baseball Home Games 2017

2017 Durham Bulls Schedule with a bull jumping through the letter D

The Durham Bulls season kicks off every April and runs through September with plenty of opportunities to catch their Bull City home games.  The Durham Bulls have
announced their home schedule for the 2017 International League season.  Guests of Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast literally can walk a half mile (around ten minutes) or take a two-minute car ride to get to the stadium (see the driving directions at the bottom of this post).

The Durham Bulls open the year at the DBAP with an Exhition Game against Duke Baseball on Tues. April 4. Then they return to kicking off their 1st home game on Mon. April 10 against the Charlotte Knights at 6:05 pm. The regular
season concludes at home on Wed. May 31 against the Rochester Redwings at 7:05 pm.

The Bulls will once again host a home game on the Fourth of July,
when the Charlotte Knights game starts at Tues. 7:05 pm and afterwards stay for gorgeous Independence Day

Durham Bulls Known For Baseball Famous For Fun


2017 International League Team Key and Affiliate Chart with team logos

Minor League Baseball Teams:
BUF= Buffaloe Blue Jays
CHA= Charlotte Knights
COL= Columbus Clippers
GWN= Gwinnett Braves
IND=  Indianapolis Indians
LHV= Lehigh Valley Ironpigs
LOU= Louisville Bats
NOR= Norfolk Tides
PAW= Pawtucket Red Sox
ROC= Rochester Red Wings
SWB= Scranton Wilkes-Barre Railraiders
SYR= Syracuse Chiefs
TOL= Toledo Mud Hens



Tues. 4 Duke vs. Bulls Exhibition Game

Mon. 10   CHA  6:05 pm
Tues. 11   CHA  7:05 pm
Wed. 12   CHA  7:05 pm
Thurs. 13 CHA  7:05 pm
Fri. 14     GWN  7:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 15    GWN   6:35 pm
Sun. 16   GWN   5:05 pm

Tues. 25   SYR  7:05 pm
Wed. 26   SYR  10:35 am (DAY GAME)
Thurs. 27 SYR   7:05 pm
Fri. 28     BUF    7:05 pm
Sat. 29     BUF   6:35 pm
Sun. 30    BUF   5:05 pm

Mon. 8     COL   7:05 pm
Tues. 9     COL   7:05 pm
Wed. 10   COL   7:05 pm
Thurs. 11 COL 10:35 am (DAY GAME)
Fri. 12      TOL   7:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 13     TOL    6:35 pm
Sun. 14    TOL    5:05 pm

Thurs. 18   GWN   7:05 pm
Fri. 19        GWN   7:05 pm  (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 20        GWN   6:35 pm  (FIREWORKS)
Sun. 21       GWN   5:05 pm

Tues. 30      ROC    5:05 pm
Wed. 31       ROC   7: 05 pm

Thurs. 1       ROC    7:05pm
Fri. 2            PAW    7:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 3            PAW  6:35 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sun. 4           PAW 5:05pm

Thurs. 8       NOR  7:05 pm
Fri. 9            NOR  7:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 10          NOR  6:35 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sun. 11         NOR  5:05 pm

Mon. 19       NOR 7:05 pm
Tues. 20       NOR  7:05 pm
Wed. 21        NOR 1:05 pm (DAY GAME)
Thurs. 22      NOR 7:05 pm
Fri. 23           CHA 7:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 24           CHA 6:35 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sun. 25         CHA  5:05 pm

Sat. 1            USA Baseball
Mon. 3          USA Baseball
Tues. 4          CHA 6:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Wed. 5           CHA 7:05 pm
Thurs. 6         CHA 7:05 pm
Fri. 7             TOL  7:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 8            TOL  6:35 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sun. 9           TOL  5:05 pm

Mon. 17        IND  7:05 pm
Tues. 18        IND  7:05 pm
Wed. 19        IND  7:05 pm
Thurs. 20      LHV 7:05 pm
Fri. 21           LHV 7:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 22           LHV 6:35 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sun. 23          LHV  5:05 pm

Tues. 1           CHA  7:05 pm
Wed. 2           CHA  7:05 pm
Thurs. 3         CHA  7:05 pm

Mon. 7           LOU  7:05 pm
Tues. 8           LOU  7:05 pm
Wed. 9           LOU  7:05 pm
Thurs. 10       SWB  7:05 pm
Fri. 11            SWB  7:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 12            SWB  6:35 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sun. 13           SWB  5:05 pm

Mon. 21         GWN  7:05 pm
Tues. 22         GWN  7:05 pm
Wed. 23          GWN  7:05 pm
Thurs. 24        GWN  7:05 pm
Fri. 25             NOR  7:05 pm (FIREWORKS)
Sat. 26             NOR  6:35pm (FIREWORKS)
Sun. 27            NOR  5:05 pm

Durham Bulls Athletic Park stadium seating with field lit up at night

The Durham Bulls Baseball Schedule is subject to change.  Please call 919-956-BULL to confirm the times.  Morehead Manor is not responsible for posting any changes to the Durham Bulls schedule.

We look forward to hosting you when you attend our local Durham Bulls ball games.  The Durham Bulls are the most famous minor league baseball team in America and we are the #1 black-owned bed and breakfast in America.  We host guests from all over the world.  Whether you are a huge baseball fan or would like to see your first American baseball game, we are happy to have you as guests at Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast in Durham.


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