You Need to Experience Our Exclusive Girlfriend Getaways

Girlfriend Getaway in Durham, North Carolina 3 friends together

Looking to get away with some fellow female friends? Try Morehead Manor’s “You Go Girl” Girlfriend Getaway.  Get some of the girls together to experience a weekend of utter relaxation. We guarantee two full days with no stress from bosses or co-workers and no requests for “Mommy.”  You can stay up late talking (and laughing) together and you are welcome to sleep in (probably longer than you usually can sleep!). Savor a delicious gourmet breakfast each morning of your visit. 

Relax with a calming in-suite massage or schedule spa services at a local spa. Get some fresh air by walking together to Historic Brightleaf Square to find all kinds of items. Unwind even more with your gal pals with dinner at one of Durham’s fine restaurants followed by a live performance at the Beyu Caffe or the Durham Performing Arts Center. Rates start at $159/per evening. Contact us so we can start planning the perfect getaway for the ultimate girls’ weekend!

The Huffington Post made the following list of benefits of good friendships and social support:

  • Enhance quality of life
  • Boost the immune system
  • Fortify physical and psychological health
  • Increase longevity
  • Strengthen resilience
  • Promote optimism and positive moods
  • Help manage trauma and loss
  • Provide a sense of belonging, security, and community

Maintaining those bonds becomes even more important as we grow older, according to Dr. Alisa Ruby Bash in a Healthline article. “We get busier, with more responsibilities,” she says. “It makes us feel nurtured and validated to hang out with friends we can be totally ourselves [with], minus the outside pressures.”

According to Psychology Today, relationships with friends require nurturing, which begins with having a friendship-focused mindset and intentions and extends to our daily priorities, choices, and interactions. The success or failure of friendships depends on our level of mindfulness.  Be mindful of your maintaining connections with your lady friends and experience Morehead Manor’s “You Go Girl” Girlfriend Getaway package together. Call (919) 687-4366 TODAY! 

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