Delight in Durham’s Magic Wings Butterfly House

Magic Wings Butterfly House in Durham, North Carolina blue butterfly

Did you know that Durham has one of the largest butterfly houses on the East Coast? Magic Wings Butterfly House is open year round and visitors of all ages take delight in meeting these beautiful creatures. A gorgeous thirty-five foot tall glass conservatory in a lush rain forest environment allows visitors to be surrounded by hundreds of tropical butterflies. 

Each day the Leptidopterist (scientist who studies butterflies) gives you an up-close look as new butterflies are released into the Magic Wings Butterfly House every day. There are over fifty different species of butterflies and they are all world travelers! Use one of their Butterfly Identification Guides to identify butterflies from the Phillipines, Central America, and other places in the world. 

The Magic Wings Butterfly House contains over 250 different species of tropical plants which are great sources of nectar and pollen for the resident butterflies. Visitors can come to the Museum of Life and Science (at 433 West Murray Avenue in Durham, North Carolina) to see this exhibit as well as many other popular displays. 

In the summer (from Memorial Day to Labor Day), the Magic Wings Butterfly House is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 5 pm. Regular season (from Labor Day to Memorial Day), they are open Tuesdays through Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm. 

Located in the Magic Wings Butterfly House is the Bayer Insectarium which features a rare assortment of insects from around the globe. This is one of the top destinations in the Southeastern United States to admire entomological life cycles. Their interactive exhibits give you an up-close, personal view of one of the largest groups of animals on the planet (invertebrates)!

Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast is located in Durham, North Carolina. Both Monica and Daniel Edwards are graduates of North Carolina Central University. In honor of the school, one of our guest rooms is named The Eagles Room. We are thrilled that Leon Bradford finished his degree and continues to be the Insectarium Manager at the Museum of Life and Sciences. Learn more in the video (produced by NCCU) below:

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