Your Guy’s To-Do List for a Wedding in Durham, NC

Bride and groom looking into one another's eyes in front of a lake

As a bride, you likely have a lot of wedding planning to do in the coming months and honestly, the last you want to worry about is if your groom is prepped for the wedding! Today we are here to help and to offer a list you can hand right off to your groom so he can check off his to-do’s before the big day.

Get together with your fiancé and talk about some things you can accomplish together, like talking about budget, your desired theme/colors, finding your perfect venue and vendors, and deciding on your menu. There’s so much fun that comes with planning that’s an opportunity for you to bond together! However, there are also some things he will need to sort out on his own:

a hand adjusting the placement of the flower on the groom's lapel.

Finding his suit – Of course, if he wants your opinion on a suit that’s great (here are some outfit ideas for grooms if he needs help getting started)! However, your groom-to-be should be able to find the best store, color, and style for himself that shows off his personality and makes him feel the most comfortable!

Getting a haircut – Your guy will understand the best timing of when he should schedule his haircut before the wedding for it to look its best. He can also consult with his barber well beforehand to get product and styling tips.

Grooming himself – This little detail can often be overlooked by grooms. But his facial hair needs to be groomed to perfection the day of your wedding. Harry’s offers a quick and easy service to buy new shaving products online that he can get sent to his door well before the big day!

Groom celebrating with his groomsmen, cheerfully jumping off the street curb in

Choosing his groomsmen – Your guy will have to ask his groomsmen to stand by him on your big day. This crew will help plan his bachelor party and other wedding festivities, so the sooner he does this, the better. Bonus tip: don’t let him forget to buy them thank you gifts!

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