Why Vacationing in Durham Can Make You More Successful in Life

More Successful in Life. Live More. Love More. Morehead Manor.

Who does not want to be even more successful in life? Success usually means living a happy, healthy, and vibrant life. However, many people work way too many hours. Some full-time workers never rarely let themselves go on a vacation. Why is that? Reflecting back, no one ever says they wish they spend more time at the office. Usually people regret not spending more time with loved ones and not seeing more of the world. 

Tony Schwartz, author of The Way We Work Isn’t Working gives the following advice:

…don’t tell yourself the story that you don’t have the time to spare. You’ll get more overall work done at a higher level of quality if you take your vacations.”

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, told Entrepreneur:

Maintaining focus on having fun isn’t just about rest and recuperation: When you go on vacation, your routine is interrupted; the places you go and the new people you meet can inspire you in unexpected ways. As an entrepreneur or business leader, if you didn’t come back from your vacation with some ideas about how to shake things up, it’s time to consider making some changes.

Many studies show there are incredible health benefits to going on vacation:

  • Reduced stress: we can leave behind worries that typically occupy our mind
  • More productivity at work: after a vacation, you return to work fully refreshed and refocused 
  • Improved relationships: bonds are strengthened with loved ones
  • Break from technology: relax and rest while staying unplugged from life’s distractions

People love vacationing and living in the Durham, North Carolina area. There are so many fun things to see and do. Experience live performances at the Durham Performing Arts Center, a top 3 entertainment venue in this country. There are fascinating museums, award-winning restaurants, incredible shopping, sporting events, university campuses, and so much more. Or do nothing at all, but relax and read! It’s your vacation!

We welcome you to stay here at Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Durham. Each morning our guests receive a fresh gourmet breakfast. Even if you live in the Bull City, take a break and get away from normal everyday life. We promise you’ll be glad you came. Live more. Love more. This is a great way to be more successful in life. 

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